Wednesday, May 19, 2010

::Mode Nak Bercuti::

..few days to come..
..few things to handle..
..some people just get it..
..but some people, don't..
..and it's not that easy..
..but it's not that tough either..
 ..way of it, am just so glad and blessed..  

..above all..just can't wait for the day to come..
..for the wedding..
..for the gathering.. & friends..
..the bonding..the relationships..
..the happiness of my life..

..Syukur Alhamdulillah..
..Terima kasih Allah..
..for giving me the fullness..
..cause right now, i do realize and i do feel..
..that i do have a perfectly-beautiful family and relatives..ayah, mama and siblings..i love the most..
..a kind-hearted future in-laws..
..supporting friends..
..and such a loving husband-to-be.. dalam hati..kasut nikah x beli, selendang putih x beli lg..Stuffs tuk hantaran x siap beli lg..door gifts x abis beli lg..hmm..byk lg x abis beli..;)..

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