Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's my burf Day today!..I've turned into 26 years old for the past 9 hours and 18 minutes..times goes by just like a snap on your fingertips..last nite i was overslept right after i did my Isyak prayer, i think..later around 12 o'clock, a bit suprised for me, when my aunty and her daughter sang that very lovely song while carrying a small cuteyy blackcurrent cake...thanx alot for that..walaupun keadaan mamai, sempat jugak tiup lilin and make some wishes..

not to forget my dearie nizam..thanx alot for remembering my hari lahir..although perbualan terganggu sikit due to the impact of kehadiran auntie and c~jah..hehe..but truly, for the past 4++ years, u're the most wonderful in my life..memandangkan my dearie akan ke miri in just a few days, terpaksalah kena tunggu hadiah birthday tuk smpi ke semenanjung..hehe..sabar jer..waa..i'm counting days for that very moment!..awal tahun n akhir tahun..hehe..

not to forget lagi..for my lovely family..semlm time baca msg dah tertido2 dah..jap lagi kena call mama n ayah ni..important note for today!

sunyi betul kat ofis hari ni, coz ramai J41 pegi kursus Infoworks (though xdapat pegi sbb byk keja)..agak kesedihan sebenarnya..hehe..erm...tengahari ni dapat mkn free lagi..thanx kakjuju for the invitation..n thanx to aisyah too for teman me breakfast this morning..

ok for now..till then..coz tonnes of work yg kena kerjakan hari ni..daa..

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